Our Programs 

Mommy & Me 

PreSchool Aquatics 

Levels 1-3

Learn To Swim 

Levels 1-6

Adult Swim 

(Learn to Swim 1-6)

Please Note: All students will be assessed and placed in levels according to their entry skill set. As classes progress students will need to take exit assessments to pass into the next level.

Mommy & Me 

"Ocean Explorers" : Splash and Bond 

This class is primarily to get infants and toddlers acquainted with the water and to allow mothers to learn how to handle small children in and around the water. 

Our young swimmers, starting from the age of 3, begin to learn swim and safety basics and strengthen their fins by  building on skills as they advance in their levels. 

Preschool Aquatics 

Level 1 - Aqua Explorers 

Level 2 - Rivendell Dippers 

Level 3 - Pirate Paddlers 

These courses for children and young teens teaches water safety skills as well as progressing them from basic water competency to advance swimming.

Learn to Swim - Kids 

Level 1 - Misty Mountain Splashers 

Level 2 - Jedi Padawaders 

Level 3 - Hogwarts House Swimmers

Level 4 - Wookie Water Warriors 

Level 5 - Mordor Masters

Level 6 - Triwizard Aquatic Champions

The older teens and adult levels are designed to introduce and/or improve the  knowledge base skills in water. 

Whether its learning the basics, improving your skills and swim strokes or just swimming for fitness, we are here to help you excel. 

Learn to Swim Adults (18 & up)

Level 1 - Wave Warriors

Level 2 - Treasure Seekers 

Level 3 - Deep Sea Divers 

Level 4 - Galadriel's Gliders 

Level 5 - Coral Reef Conquerors 

Level 6 - Siren Swimmers 

Aquatic Adventures Academy is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Star Wars, Harry Potter, the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit or its rights holders. Our Instructor is just a nerd. ; )